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Connecting the arts with at-risk and special needs kids since 2004

The arts have proven to be absolutely essential when you are working with troubled, at-risk youth who feel lost and like they have no voice.  They feel nobody understands them.  It is the same way it feels to be abandoned.  We all know how that hurts. The irony in this is when you read about these special children who  are here RIGHT NOW to bring peace and a better world you find them in places you don't expect  like jail or community day school and they're unhappy.   These are highly empathetic, sensitive souls who can not only  transform their lives into greatness from any sad, devastating, tragic situation but by the power of their creativity can change the world.  They simply don't know who they are.  There is nothing more empowering than discovering who you really.  Rainbow, Indigo, Crystal Kids is about moving from hopelessness to optimism.  We contract with many organizations.  We can work with you too!  

GET READY to see your children open up and begin to fly!!  

Angela Hope/Educator/Director